Motion Control and Vibration Suppression of Compliant Mechanical Structures (project GA101/09/1592)

The aim of the proposed project is to develop the advanced methods for position control and stabilization of the compliant structures of the new light production machines. Firstly the methods of motion control will be investigated. Especially the interconnection between feedforward and feedback control, the interaction between input shaping control and multi-input state feedback control and the sensitivity of the predictive control with respect to model inaccuracy will be studied. The second topic will be the active vibration suppression, namely the question of usefulness of more sophisticated control architectures and the applicability of model predictive control. The main presumed result will be an advanced interconnection of the algorithms of motion control of compliant mechanisms and the algorithms of active vibration suppression. Finally the methods of complex and mutually interconnected design of smart components including optimization of mechanical realization, optimal placement of sensors/actuators and control algorithm synthesis will be developed. The most promising algorithms will be experimentally evaluated using the stand.

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