Tilting Mechanisms Based on Fiber Parallel Kinematical Structure with Antibacklash Control (project GAP101/11/1627)

Project objectives

Mechanisms based on the parallel kinematical structures have proven that they can overcome serial kinematical structures in almost all properties. One of the remaining areas is the large moveability of the serial chains. The objective of the project is the research of tilting mechanisms for large motions based on the parallel kinematical structures, that would have the excellent mechanical properties due to the fiber parallel kinematical structure. The main target will be the maximum usage of fiber actuation minimizing the usage of standard joints and multi-member components. The fiber actuation brings the extreme simplification and unloading of the structure, preserving high dynamics and stiffness of the mechanism and eliminating backlash problems. The fiber components will be analyzed in detail in term of  dynamic interaction with control algorithms as well as from the point of view of the optimal design of their actuation and position measurement. The consequential target will be to combine antibacklash and antifighting control of the redundant fiber mechanisms altogether.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFiber driven mechanism Quadrosphere

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